Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy 2012


It was very difficult for me to get into the Christmas holiday spirit this year. In between my internship, part-time job, new full-time job and a full courseload of classes, I didn't have much time to do very many Christmasy activities. I did almost all of my shopping on this year thanks to Prime shipping. I did some shopping for myself early on, but only kept a pair of jeans and some warm boots to wear to my new job. Overall the lack of money and time plus other pressing matters left me bah-humbugging the holidays.

I'm looking forward to 2012 as a fresh start. I now only have one job (full-time, with benefits beginning today (hooray)) and only one semester of classes left. I already don't know what to do with all of my free time (Answer: watching White Collar on Netflix seems to fill the time well).

Some goals for 2012:
-Blog more. I haven't really done many craft projects this year, so there's not much to write on that, but I also haven't shared others' cool craft projects either.

-Document what I read. I read a TON of books, especially on vacation. A lot of the time I'll read series mysteries, like Clive Cussler or Denise Swanson, where one book is very much like any other. Without keeping track I have no idea what I have and have not read. I need to keep track in my Goodreads account.

Note: I was just reading through past posts to find a link to the kitchen post (below) and realized I made the same resolution about keeping track of what I read last year. Clearly I am bad at this.

-Clean out this house. I have a lot of crap. I am a hoarder in training. I need to clean out this craft stuff, get it organized, and get rid of the stuff I will never use (pony beads? glitter?).

-I also have grand plans to redo the kitchen and bathroom. Who knows if I will be able to really make this happen, but since there is a gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling from fixing the bathroom plumbing, it seems kind of high on the priority list.

That adorable reindeer is actually an IKEA gift tag in an IKEA frame. I picked up a bunch of wrapping paper, ornaments, and other goodies when my sister and I were at an IKEA in California last October. On Southwest, bags fly free, so why not??

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