Monday, January 2, 2012

what i've read/seen/heard: GOT edition

I have been amiss in not writing a read/seen/heard post about the best books I read in 2011: The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, AKA the Game of Thrones books.

Holy cow are these books amazing. I devoured the first two while on vacation in Florida, the third over Thanksgiving, the fourth during finals week and the fifth this past week on my Kindle. I couldn't wait to pick up a hardback copy of it. I won't lie- these books are full of violence, treachery and tragedy. But they are also addictive- many a night I was up past midnight reading, telling myself, "Just one more chapter!" The first four books are in paperback, the fifth book is in hardcover right now. The only downside is that the author takes forever to release each book. I'm not sure how I will wait six years to find out what happens to Arya, Jon Snow and Tyrion.

I've also been catching up on White Collar on Netflix streaming. It's a lot like USA's other shows in that each episode is very formulaic, while there is a greater "Big Bad" storyline each season, much like Psych or Burn Notice. Still a fun show!

And if you haven't already watched Downton Abbey: Season One, I highly recommend you do so soon because Season 2 comes out on PBS in just one week! Season one is free on Amazon Prime right now, and I believe also on Netflix. Season 2 has been out in the UK for several months now, but it premieres here on PBS January 8. Set your DVRs!

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