Sunday, March 6, 2011

what's new at pier 1

I was out and about running errands at Target yesterday (spoiler alert: I bought a new lamp although I might need a larger one) and decided to pop into Pier 1 right next door. I'm not sure the last time I was at Pier 1. There used to be one near my parent's house, so it was the default go-to place for a last minute birthday present for my mom or friends. I bought many a candle and picture frame there in my youth! That store was hit by a tornado in 2002, and they rebuilt near Target. It's far enough from my house that I don't normally stop there, but I was out and had the time. I found a few cute ideas for my house and/or a craft project.


I really need a clock for our living room. I can't see the kitchen clock from the comfy sofa, so I never know what time it is. Wouldn't this look cute on a mantle? Then there was a larger clock, but really, for fifty bucks I might try to make my own.


This mirrored dresser is amazing. Back when I first bought my house, Pier 1 had this great mirrored and glass garden table and I wanted it so badly! But let's be honest...all glass? In this house? Right.


I also loved this beehive drink server. So cute!


I might try my hand at adapting the blue clock for a craft project. We'll see!

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