Sunday, March 6, 2011

another field trip - michael's arts and crafts


I popped into Michael's the other day to get some ideas. I saw these chalkboard sheets in one of the aisles near their "dollar spot" section. They had adhesive chalkboard and dry erase sheets, plus different shaped woodcuts. I saw crowns, speech bubbles, circles, frames, etc. Some of them came in different colors - you can kind of see the pink sheets in the corner.

I have an idea for a bulletin board for my craft room, but was hesitant to buy chalkboard paint at $25/gallon. But these little shapes would be perfect for smaller projects. The sticky sheets you see in the picture were only $2 apiece, with the other shapes around the same price range.

When I got to Michael's, they had a sign in the window that they now carried fabric (aisle 10A!). I had to check it out and....not impressed.


They offered several dozen different patterns in one-yard packs for $10.99 each. That seemed very pricey for the quality and patterns offered. You can buy Amy Butler or similar designer fabric for $8-$10 a yard at any local quilt shop, and cheaper on Etsy. I wonder if they price it so high so it's more reasonable when you use a 40% off coupon?


They also offer some easy-to-sew "kits," such as these aprons. The trim is pre-printed on the outside of the apron, so it takes very little sewing ability.


Lastly, I found this adorable little crown ring dish and perfume bottle in the "Parisian" themed home decor aisle. How cute are thesering dish and ? Since I just finished watching The Tudors, I feel like I need need need this for my dresser! How Queen Anne!

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