Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's a four by four jungle out there

I planted my square foot garden again this year, but I did so with a far more lackadaisical attitude. I didn't put out the grid to mark everything off, I didn't keep track of where everything went...I was way behind getting everything into the ground so I kind of winged it.

Big mistake.


This is my garden. The green beans that I thought were bush beans? Surprise- pole beans! That huge squash plant in the bed on the left? A patty pan squash volunteer! I have no idea how to cook these things whatsoever. The cherry tomatoes are coming in well, but no peppers yet. I bought one of the zucchinis as a start at the farmer's market, and it went bananas (well, zucchinis). I had hoped it would, since it was called "Moneymaker." The only problem was that I didn't get to the fruits fast enough and they were too big to eat. The zukes had already started to go to seed. Fail!


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