Friday, July 9, 2010

all good things

I am so immensely glad it is Friday! This was a very long week at work, plus I completely forgot I had a large assignment due Tuesday and a final today. On top of that, I never got my yard mowed. On the upside, I found my camera! I'm the queen of misplacing things, but about two weeks ago I began to worry that it had been lost. I switch bags for work quite often, and I assumed it was always in the other one. Not so, sadly. Then I began to worry that I left it (or rather, it had gotten stolen) on the bus. Having left it in the garden was also a distinct possibility. Have no fear, I finally found it in my nightstand this week. Why there? I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason for it at the time.

Without a camera, there was nothing really to post. What's a blog without some pictures?  I used my mom's camera to take picture of the 100 Acres at the Indianapolis Museum of Art a few weeks ago, so I'll get those up as soon as I download them, as well as pics of my out-of-control garden. It's a four foot by four foot jungle out there!

Meanwhile, I've been spending a lot of time reading lately.  What I've read:

The Secret Adversary Agatha Christie's The Secret Adversary, in a quest to read all of Dame Aggie's books for my 101 Things List. Turns out I'd already read this one, I just never marked it off on my list! It's in the public domain, so I'm sure I read it on Project Gutenberg at (ahem) my last job. It's a Tommy and Tuppence mystery, which are some of my faves. It was still good the second time around!

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home (Hardcover) Rhoda Janzen, Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. I actually grabbed this several months ago at the library on a whim, but never got to read it. Jen Lancaster, she of Jennsylvania and Bitter is the new Black, recommended several summer-reads this summer on her blog. I promptly put ALL of them on my library holds list. Our library has this cool function online where you can pause a hold and then unpause it. I made an attempt at staggering the dozen or so books I put on hold so they wouldn't all come in at the same time. Needless to say, they all came in at the same time.  Fail.

Department of Lost & FoundAllison Winn Scotch, Department of Lost & Found. Pretty great, really. I couldn't really put it down!

An Off YearClaire Zulkey, An Off Year. Super quick read, as in one day to and from work, plus some lounging at home. I wanted a bit more action, or a bit more "finding oneself" but it was still pretty good.

What I've been watching:
True Blood: The Complete First Season (HBO Series) True Blood!!! I just started Season 1 and I love it. I was watching aforementioned show Tuesday night when I realized I had a mega-project due at midnight. Fail.  I also managed to send my Netflix back on Thursday instead of Wednesday, thus delaying my delivery of the start of Season 2, which would have come Saturday had I remembered to add it to my queue. DOUBLE FAIL.  I upgraded Netflix in a last-ditch effort to get Season 2 here this weekend, but I probably won't get it until Tuesday.

PS, if you're not reading Jennsylvania on a weekly basis, drop whatever you are doing and at least read her annual Twilight Saga re-enactment and these Pub Rants videos.

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