Thursday, July 22, 2010

shabby apple love

I don't usually post about fashion because, let's face it, I am not really a style maven, but I could not pass up this deal. To start, I have been super obsessed with Shabby Apple clothes lately. I saw them a long time ago on Chloe (the giraffe print dress below) and again on Cardigan Empire. I don't own any of their dresses yet, but they have been infiltrating the blogosphere with contest after contest, and I've been dilligently entering so I can win a dress.  And I keep losing. I lost in a contest with only 9 other people! I am lame.  Anyhoo, Groupon has a Shabby Apple deal today so you BEST be believing I jumped right on that.  It came up on my feed reader through a couponing's not for Indianapolis, but for some other random city but I still got it (I also bought today's Climb Time deal. score!). The deal ends in only 17 hours!!

The Giraffe Dress that started it all.

I like these more...not sure which one I'll buy with my Groupon.
Champs Elysee                La Tour Eiffel

**Not sponsored by SA in any way, shape, or form. I just love easy to wear. There's no thinking when you grab one out of the closets. No need to figure out "what pants match this shirt, and are they even clean" which is what I am doing this morning. Sigh.

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