Sunday, May 9, 2010

first friday


I had a great "Girls Night Out" Friday night with K from It's a Wonderful Life last week.  It was First Friday in Indianapolis, so we hit the town in "Eff'n Square," as it has come to be known. We went to a few galleries in the Murphy building, including the supa-swank vintage store, Indy Swank. After a few glasses of delicious wine, we walked through a few of the galleries upstairs. I hadn't intended on buying anything that night, but one of the galleries had some re-imagined movie posters up, and I couldn't pass one up! I bought a re-imagine movie poster for Breaking Away. I can't seem to find any images online, but it's done in a cinema Italiano style. I'll post pics when I pick it up this week (edit: it's the one on the far left.  It was part of a larger gallery project to benefit the Indianapolis International Film Festival

K and I grabbed breadsticks, and then met up with her hubs at White Rabbit, for the main portion of our evening: Hasenpfeffer!! Hasenpfeffer is a new modern-dance cabaret troupe formed by our friends, and K's former dance-mates. The show was super fun and fantastic, and I wish now I'd at least tried to take pics with my iPhone (left the real cam at home). Their costumes border on amazing. They aren't the typical Pussycat Dolls-style cabaret you find in Hollywood, but a more modern take on it. Plus, White Rabbit has amazing beer at incredible incredible prices. I even found Left Hand Brewing Co's JuJu Ginger beer. I have only found one bottle in the whole of Indianapolis until now. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but WR has it in bottles. Score! (image from WR's website)

I also wore the dress I briefly blogged about in an earlier post, the Curvy Shift from Anthro. I did have to get it tailored, but it fits fabulously now, and looks dressy or more casual, and can also be slightly retro, as it did Friday night. I accessorized with a vintage brooch and some patent heels. However, to work that day I wore a gold belt, gold flats and pink sweater to make it seem more current.

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