Monday, March 15, 2010

monday monday

I had another decidedly un-crafty weekend. I am in need of some quick crafts to knock out while watch TV or before bed.  I am still not done with a baby blanket that I've been working on. The bias tape is all that's left and that is always my least favorite part.

One thing I starred today was from One Pearl Button's blog today - originally from Jewish Mom . I want to take these cut paper flowers and etch them onto mirrors from downstairs. I've been dying to do this project but don't have a)mirrors b)templates c)time. I'll put it in the someday file.

In other news, spring has disappeared, to be replaced with more cold weather, drizzly rain, and cloudy skies. I have some very cute spring dresses that I need to wear. Spring come back, stat!

Also, I filled out my census form. I guess I didn't realize how rinky dink the form is. I expected questions on whether I was employed, my income, etc. Nope. Just how old are you, what race are you, bada bing bada boom. That's it.

Time to head downstairs and do some Insanity and wait for my Anthro dress to arrive.

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