Friday, May 14, 2010

crochet: mission accomplished

I can knock another item off my 101 Things list: learn to crochet.  I took a class at my local yarn store last night and have finally mastered it. Now I can make all of Roxy's adorable amigurumi animals!


We started out with a simple chain stitch, then went into single crochet for the loop end of a potholder. I started out with some Peaches & Creme Gumdrop color, but it was a bit too difficult to see my stitches. I switched to some white instead.  The yarn is leftover from the dishcloth I made from Mason-Dixon Knitting.




I'm only about four rows into it, but I'm definitely "getting it." It took me a long time to master knitting, so I'm not aiming high with crochet.  I think a few dishcloths or potholders will be just fine to start with!


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