Friday, February 9, 2007

for 50 Projects on LJ

Project #5: washcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I didn't knit it as long as recommended, but it is on size 7 with kitchen cotton. White is Sugar and Cream, color is Gumdrop from Peaches and Cream. I love this color. It's like jelly beans or a carnival. With the white, it looks like my old easter basket. I do wish that I could find yarn with longer color repeats so each little block is a different color. I found that the white unraveled quickly, especially when I had to frog rows.

I think this pattern would be great for a kid's hat. Especially in the same candy colored yarn.

mason dixon washcloth

washcloth close-up

Project #6: I cleaned today and organized my bookcase. It's not a craft project per se, but I've been meaning to do it forever. It has an inbox, things to file, and recycle bins. My magazines are along the bottom, though I wish I had more file boxes that matched. I got the tall vase from a thrift store years ago. The mug is from a town named after my family in England, and the little glass vase is new from Target (as are the inboxes- $2.50 dollar spot). That blur is my dog :)

bookcase- organized!

Also cleaned my bathroom and sink, but I will spare you photos!

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