Thursday, October 1, 2009

A year of 101 Things

A year ago I started my 101 Things Project. There were tasks that I thought I would complete immediately, but instead are still not finished. The best (worst?) example of this is #27- Identify 101 Things that make me happy- Wordle form. I started this Day 1, and at Day 365, I am stuck with only 97 things! Surely there are four other things in this world that make me happy? Other completed tasks took me by surprise- I realized several days after attending the State Fair that it was, indeed, #93 on my list.

IMG_0599.JPG (by lauraloops)
at the State Fair

Some items are proving more difficult to finish than others- #23 Read 21 books off the Big Read List. I've expanded the list of eligible books to include some other top reading lists, and I've still only read three books! I've started and abandoned an E.M. Forster book and several by the Bront√ęs. I just can't seem to get into any of them. Maybe that is why I am re-reading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time... On the other hand, I've exhausted the supply of Agatha Christie books at my local library and now must reserve books from other libraries to complete #48 Finish all/35 Agatha Christie books available through IMCPL. (Originally this was "all" but I changed it to 35. I've read 18 so far this year.)

Some I've finished in ways other than my original intention. #97 Travel to at least three other states was intended to be for vacation travel only. Instead, I traveled to Nevada and Minnesota for work and then Florida for vacation, hitting my total of three other states. Subsequent trips to Tennessee and West Virginia helped finish this item in the way I had hoped. #94 Travel to one foreign country will be completed in a month's time due to a work trip to China, but I meant for this to be a vacation to Cancun, Costa Rica or Europe. I'm still hoping to visit one of those before the end of the 1001 days.

the fam at Castillo de San Marco (by lauraloops)
trip to Florida

All in all, I've completed 29 items. If you count up the total number of tasks to finish (ie read five biographies, try ten new restaurants, etc), I am at 21%. Not bad for a bit over a third of the way through the 1001 days!

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