Friday, October 2, 2009

more 101 Things

I thought, since the space-time-blogger-continuum is still open, I'd run down the items that I have finished in my 101 Things List:

October 2008
1. Post on my blog(s) every day for a month- I loved doing this. I should do it more forced me to think of something to write every day instead of every few months.
40. Vote in (and encourage others) to vote in the 2008 elections- Voted early (and often, j/k)
42. See a Broadway/Broadway Across America show- Avenue Q. LOVED IT!
50. Win a contest- I won the Halloween costume contest at work!

November 2008
57. Run a marathon- Eleven months later and I'm still not recovered. This is by far the hardest thing I've done. I'm not sure I've run 26 miles this year and I once ran it in one day! Unbelievable.
80. Get another dog- I'm counting Murphy, even though I gave him a new home, because he showed me what it'd be like with another dog running around. I adopted Nells in March.

December 2008:
7. Find four photos for the dining room frames- Mom did this for me, I'll admit!
15. Buy an original painting or artwork- I still don't have a frame for it. I need to get on that.
90. Go to a wine tasting- New Year's Eve

St. Augustine (by lauraloops)
Spring 2009
8. Make a cork board/bulletin board for the back door- Okay, I bought this. My painted version was not panning out
19. Pay down my termite debt/Get termites taken care of too!- Whoohoo!
33. Buy my mom flowers
72. Paint guest room (again)- Love the color this time!
91. Go bowling- I am so bad at this.
99. Visit Grandpa- A lovely trip to St. Augustine

Summer 2009
53. Go to the Symphony- Happy Hour at the Symphony is such fun
54. Build raised planting beds- This was surprisingly easy and the results were great
55. Plant Way Back garden- even though the dogs pretty much killed everything I planted.
59. One week without candy- three times!
79. Buy a hamper, put clothes in it!
17. Pay down my CC debt- This was easy once I put my mind to it
18. Pay down my Dad debt- HALLELUJAH!!! I even gave Dad something to sign showing I had paid him off.
20. Save in Emergency Savings account $500-$1000
31. Send ten thank-you or birthday cards
41. Go to the movies alone- Saw (500) Days of Summer a few weeks ago and loved it. I may have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt now!
63. Join an Intramural sport- just joined Rock Climbing
77. Find, buy, or create a headboard/bedframe
93. Go to the Indiana State Fair
97. Travel to at least three other states (Ohio and Kentucky do not count)- Nevada, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia at last count

 IMG_0295 (by lauraloops)

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