Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Longest scarf in the world

It is about time! I started planning this scarf in October, knitting in November, and finished it Sunday. I wanted a reversible pattern, machine washable wool, and an elegant design with pockets. I finally settled on Berroco's Pure Merino in a raspberry colorway, and bought three balls. Over the next two months, I bought three more. The scarf started as the cabled scarf in Scarf style, but found that it didn't fold up well into pockets. Why pockets? My grandmother has arthritis in her hands and is not able to wear gloves. It's pretty cold in Indiana, so I wanted her to be able to stick her hands in the scarf to keep them warm, and still be able to hold onto her walker.

After scouring every knitting book in Borders one night, I settled on a seed stitch pattern from some purse book (I think it called the pattern "blossom."). Halfway through the first ball, I realized I knit the exact same pattern for my mom last year, and that it curled up on itself horribly. I'm an idiot. But, I was too far along and too time crunched to rip it out. Despite knitting feverishly up through Christmas Eve, I still couldn't finish it. The scarf had to be extra long in order to fold up into pockets, and the stitch was taking me forever. My grandma understood, and it is now on its way to her in time for her birthday. The color will hopefully match her new coat. I should have made her a fleecy Colts one, but who had that kind of forethought in December??


The longest scarf, ever:
Cast on 35 (I think) onto size 9 needles. Any odd number will do.
I did two rows of garter stitch after casting on to give it a bit of an edge.
Row 3: *k1, p1*, k1
Row 4: knit all.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 for an eternity, or until the scarf is about 7 feet long. This took me just shy of five balls of approximately 100 yards each, Pure Merino.
For the pockets, I folded each end up the length of my hand, and seamed the edges.

This is also for 50projects, and fits into the theme of finishing unfinished projects. I didn't get the InStitches-a-long finished in time, though. Whoops. Maybe February.

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