Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what i've read/seen/heard

An update for posterity, more than for anything else:

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I think I got this rec off Jennsyvania's blog, and it was pretty good. I had reserved it at the library, and let it languish on the shelf for almost three weeks (now it's languishing, overdue, in the front seat of my car. Sigh). A rainy Sunday meant no flag football, but it did mean time to read this! It was a very quick read- I had anticipating it lasting all day, so I could stay curled on my couch under a blanket, but I think I finished it in two or three hours. Quick. It has some grotesque freaky pictures, which I believe are the basis for the story, but overall it was interesting and I would recommend it.

The Glass Passenger
I actually downloaded this off iTunes a few years ago (after seeing him on John Stewart) but I lost it when my Mac crashed. I just re-ordered the CD, spurred on because I saw Jack's Mannequin last month opening for Guster, and I remembered how much I love love love their music. Highly recommend it.

I think I love New Girl! This is an Amazon link (full disclosure!) but it's available FREEEEE which is amazing if you didn't DVR it like me. What is not to love about New Girl? Zooey Deschanel is probably the cutest person on the planet, and she's 110% awkward in this show, and yet the guys still like her. It's just like real life! Except not at all.

And the guys: David Krumholz-Lite (IMDB tells me his real name is Jake, but it also tells me he lucked out landing a ZDC (Zooey Deschanel) show), The Actor Previously Played By Damon Wayans Jr. But His Other Show Got Picked Up So He Has Been Recast, and the one and only Officer Leo from Veronica Mars! As if you needed three (okay, like 1.5) more reasons to watch this show.

I DVR'd but haven't watched any other new shows except 2 Broke Girls, which I want to like because I like Kat Dennings, but the multi-camera laughtrackness of it makes me not want to like it. I caught the first three minutes of Whitney, and the fake laughtrack was SO fake and horrible I couldn't turn it off quickly enough. That show is Not. Funny.

So that's what I've read/seen/heard so far this week. If I remember, maybe I'll post another sometime before November.

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