Sunday, July 3, 2011

the most amazing candle in the world

Bali sunrise candle at Target

Are you sitting down? Prepared for some awesome amazing news that will rock your socks off?

My most favorite candle in the world is the Anthropologie Capri Blue candle- you know the blue one that they burn in the front of every store? And is thirty-five dollars? Sigh...I love it, but that price is a bit out of my range, even with a gift card. Every time I go into a home store, I smell all the candles to try to find one similar. It was all for nought until I stumbled across this little gem at Target. Yes, Target. I saw these on an endcap a few weeks ago and started checking them out one by one until I lifted the lid off Bali Sunrise. I was so surprised I actually dropped it!  Good news, they bounce.

The small one is $4.99 and the label says it will burn for twenty hours. It came home with me that day and I am here to tell you that wonders up on wonders, it smells like the Anthropologie candle at a fraction of the price. The larger one is $9.99 and should burn for fifty hours. The larger one came home today...I plan on stocking up on these so I have a lifetime supply. So far the little Bali Sunrise is chugging along well.

I was going to post this earlier this afternoon from my new patio set!

Except I couldn't remember my password. Sad trombone. No longer am I relaxing on a lounge chair with a delicious cold beer, but inside watching True Blood. Yes, my beer of choice is Bud Light Lime. No laughing. It is delicious and refreshing.

The patio set was a very belated birthday present...or a very early one. It was on clearance and seemed like a cute set for my back patio.

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