Sunday, July 10, 2011

bathroom envy

I posted many moons ago about renovating my kitchen. Well, that project got put on the backburner for another year. In the meantime, I am comtemplating redoing my bathroom. It is much smaller, more doable on a DIY scale, and I can break it up into two or three phases to make it more affordable.

Step 1: Rip out the awful plastic/melamine/whatever shower surround and redo some plumbing work (courtesy of my awesome neighbor). Tile the walls in lieu of a new surround and reglaze the tub. I've seen reviews on Angie's List that this is relatively affordable and easier than a new tub.

Step 2: Repatch some of the drywall, install a new sink pedestal and repaint

Step 3: New tile floor, new lighting

I'm not sure of the order on replacing the sink and the tile floor. Tile first, then the sink on top? New sink and tile around?

One thing is for certain: I have bathroom envy of Freckle Chick's guest bath.
I am in love. Gray walls? Check. Gray tile? Check. Tile shower? Check. And it looks pretty simple on a DIY scale. I think she has another post on how easy it is to tile. I'm not one for complicated projects, but surely someone in my family or friends is slightly handy? Right? Ummm....yeah.I love her gray tile floors from The Great Indoors. Such an unusual size. I have no idea where to find anything even remotely similar in Indianapolis. I may have to venture to the Great North aka Castleton to check out some fancy pants tile places.

green bathroom

This is the only pic I could find of the bathroom and it's pre-mirror. But you can see the green, which features prominently in three rooms of my house. I'm kind of over it and want something new and fresh. I bought paint for the stairwell (finally! Only FIVE years!) although I immediately wished I had purchased something darker. I may use that in the dining room to repaint and then go with something a bit darker in the stairwell.

**Off topic, I logged in and somehow old Blogger dashboard was back hallelujah! And I also noticed that all four lightbulbs are on in the bathroom pic. I had forgotten how darn bright the bathroom is/was because they have been burned out for I don't know how many's probably time for some new ones, eh?

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