Thursday, May 26, 2011

around the world

I have been meaning to post, really, truly. I took some pictures of some garden work in late April/early May to add here, but I either managed to delete them or hide them so well I can't find them on my camera. It's totally worth it, so I will re-take the pictures just for you (sarcasm noted). A friend (hi J!) also reminded me so kindly that my 101 Things project is very early coming to an end. Yikes! I am way behind. I shall update my list and determine just how poorly I did on this project.

That said, I do have some new pics to share of a trip I just took to Athens, Santorini and Paros. It would have been an ideal trip had the weather cooperated even just a little bit, but that's the way it goes. You haven't lived until you've shown up on a desert island in a skirt and flip flops only to discover it's 63 degrees out with 40 mph winds. You haven't lived!

greece2011 050
Jules and me in front of the Parthenon

greece2011 010
Lighthouse in Parikia, Paros

greece2011 108
This was going to be our Christmas card except A) the photographer cut off my dad's head and B)it's blurry. You can tell how darn windy it is in this pic! Also, you have not lived a second time until you try to convince Europeans to take your picture just so- right there- no, don't zoom- wait for that person to get out of the spot- did I blink? for the family Christmas card.

greece2011 055
Bless the heart of some kind young American guy (married, drat!) who humored us into crouching down and standing on X marks the spot for this pic. We are obsessed with finding a suitable Christmas card pic in my family. Obsessed.

greece2011 030
Hadrian's Arch at sunset

greece2011 014
The fam, day one. Note that I'm wearing a jacket, jeans and a scarf. I brought two jackets, one pair of jeans, two dresses and two skirts. I wore my jeans every. single. day. No joke. I stand by my Land's End Canvas duds- they held up well!! Also, this was staged as a Christmas card shot, but we are clearly tiny ants in this perspective and that just. won't. do.

So there's my trip in a nutshell. We stayed at an awesome place in Santorini (Anatoli Hotel) and ate lots of yummy food, saw a bunch of ruins, and read a ton of books. I joked during the trip that we could have had the same vacation but $5000 cheaper had we just flown to Southern California (for the climate/landscape), sat by a pool reading and drinking cheap beer while eating take out from a Greek restaurant. My dad found this less than amusing.

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