Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cowl disaster averted

Err, mostly averted. I haven't knit anything in quite some time (two years-ish?) but have been cleaning out my yarn stash and felt like I had to knit something. So a few weeks ago I poked around on Ravelry to choose a project. I wanted something short and quick to use what I had on hand.

I selected a pattern I favorited back in December, the Burberry-inspired Cowl Neck Scarf by Garter Girl Julianne Smith. I picked out some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn leftover from Elbac. Here came stumbling block #1: No size 10 needles! I could find one and one only. I have purchased multiple sets of tens but manage to lose them constantly. My favorite needles are cheapie Susan Bates aluminum ones, but of course JoAnn's didn't have them so I settled on some bamboo ones, which, may I add, performed spectacularly.

I cast on while watching A Room With a View on Netflix before leaving on a road trip to Chicago. How much did I finish in Chicago? None! Nada! Nothing. Instead I watched Butler win their Final Four game, drank a lot of beer and caught up with two dear friends.

I picked up the cowl this morning while watching Party Down on Netflix and knit until the cable, at which point I couldn't remember whether the cable was 8 or 10 stitches. I winged it with ten, but that didn't look right. I had bookmarked the pattern on my other laptop, but of course that died a painful death a few weeks ago (the bookmarks with it!).

I went on my Ravelry favorites list, found the pattern and surfed over to Garter Girl's website, but the pattern was nowhere to be found! Oh no!!! Instead I found a message that the pattern could be requested via email, but I knew it had been there when I cast on. This was stumbling block #2: was this indeed the pattern I had cast on? If not, where had I found it?? I spent a long, long while scouring the internet and questioning my sanity before I finally just emailed Garter Girl. She emailed me back immediately with the pattern. Have no fear: I am not crazy! She took the pattern down earlier this week to prevent copycats from selling it on Etsy. Not to get off track, but people like that are cheaters and I'm not a fan. Back on track: crisis averted!

I ended up knitting four-ish repeats, although when I knit this again, I'll make it at least five repeats. I also didn't follow the rows between cables exactly, because I lost my row counter. Also, I effed up the cables. The middle cable is held to the back, but I held it to the front. Oh well. You can't really tell since it's such a vague, wide cable anyway. Also, I had never done a kitchener stitch before, so the back is kind of rough, but it's not too noticeable and my coat or long hair will be over it anyway.

Overall, I really love this pattern because it is really, really easy. It'd be a great way to learn cables if you've never tried them. Elbac was the first and only other thing I've knit with cables, but those had to be right on or it would look off. This is much looser, so it would be good practice getting used to the cable needle. I think it would be cute in a chunkier yarn and just a bit longer next time.

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