Sunday, February 27, 2011

what I've seen this week: oscar update

Tonight's the night: Oscar night!!! I did not quite meet my goal of seeing all ten Best Picture nominees before the awards show. I did, however, see two more this week, bringing my total to seven!

This week I saw The King's Speech in the theaters and The Kids Are All Right on DVD. I thoroughly enjoyed The King's Speech. Geoffrey Rush was amazing, as was Colin Firth, naturally. He is in two of my most favorite movies: Love Actually and Pride and Prejudice. The Kids was also pretty good. I've always been a huge Mark Ruffalo fan, and Annette Bening is stunning in it.

Speaking of English dramas, I've been taken in by the PBS Masterpiece Theatre miniseries Downton Abbey. A friend recommended it, and it turns out it's available in whole on Netflix. With my spiffy new Blu-ray networked DVD player I can watch it on my TV!! Downton Abbey is about an upper-crust English family just before WWI. Mary, the eldest daughter, is in searach of a suitable husband after losing her entail (that's the estate and inheritance, for you non-Jane Austen readers). The story is truly about the differences between the earl's family and their servants, and how the classes were losing distinction going into the war.

It's shot in an actual castle in Berkshire, and here's why I love it: you can see the cracks and paint on the plaster as they walk up and down the stairs. It gives a real sense of realism to the show. Plus, the costumes are divine! There's a mix of Victorian and more modern costumes that I would just love to have.

Back to the Oscars- I think Natalie Portman will win best actress, no matter how great Annette Bening was. I think Colin Firth is a lock to win best actor. I hope Geoffrey Rush wins best supporting, but since I haven't seen The Fighter, I'm can't comment on Christian Bale's performance. Ditto for any of the best supporting actress award. Perhaps Amy Adams? I do love her. Best Picture....The King's Speech is definitely the kind of movie the Academy loves. But Black Swan was so interesting and different and crazy...still...King's Speech. Those are my votes!

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