Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day! I spent my Singles Awareness Day taking two "quizzes" (really, let's call an exam an exam, shall we?), doing homework, getting my water softener fixed, returning clothes to Anthro (three tops in an order that make me look pregnant and they are ALL going back), and now watching The Bachelor on ABC. Oh, Our Host Chris Harrison, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.  (PS Michelle is crazy, right? RIGHT?)

valentine's cards

I did have a few minutes while the Culligan Man was working in my basement to make a few V-Day cards for my fam. Nothing special, just using up some odds and ends. These are actually notecards from my now-defunct former employer. The company name was emblazoned across the bottom, but otherwise they were just plain white cards. I took all that I could find and anticipate using them for many months to come. It's super easy to cover up the logo with any kind of scrapbook paper. These cards were made from a mat stack of holiday paper I bought six or so years ago. I've used it in many other projects and it's been worth the ten bucks I paid at JoAnn's. The foam hearts were from two subsequent V-day Dollar Spots at Target. I use regular old Scotch double-stick tape (the yellow plaid one) in my scrappy projects.

Hope you had a wonderful February 14th!

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