Saturday, February 5, 2011

cabin fever

Indianapolis was hit with huge ice storms this week. Classes at my school were canceled almost the entire week, which is practically unheard of at my college. I went four whole years of undergrad without nary a day off, even with blizzards and ice and cold.  I also got off work early on Tuesday because of the continuing Icepocalypse that night. Unfortunately, I majorly wiped out on my stairs as I was trying to clean them off. I misjudged the amount of snow/ice on the top step and flew off, hitting an ice-covered snowberg on the way down. Ow. I've been laid up for the past two to three days on various painkillers. Plus: painkillers. Minus: the house is a mess, I still have homework to do, and my back hurts like a .... something that hurts a lot.

On the additional upside, I have had twenty+ hours a day to surf teh interwebs and find exciting new websites!  Like these:

Casa Bella. What beautiful inspirational photos! Plus, she is giving away an Anthro gift card, and we all know how I love Anthro. Bonus downside of being laid up on the couch? Too much time to shop online. Oh Anthro, your site is so tempting on Vicodin!!

Kate and Oli: Okay, I love this site. How much? Too much. So, so, so, so beautiful. And she's holding two giveaways: one for a Laura Amiss print (Happy Tears, you WILL be mine!) and one for an Art Garden print.
Happy Tears, Laura Amiss on left. Hollyhock, Art Garden on right.

More to come!

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