Tuesday, December 21, 2010

greetings from winter

I'm writing to you from the comfort of my couch, snuggled beneath a blanket with the greatest holiday movie- "Love Actually." Friday was my last day in the office at my full-time job so technically I am "working from home" while watching it. I usually watch this movie several times during the holiday season, and about every other month year round. Sadly, I have been very busy with work and school this past semester, which is also why I haven't posted in almost four months.  The good news is that I made straight As! The bad news is that I have had zero time to be crafty. I wrapped some presents...that's kind of crafty, right?

So what have I been up to? Mostly work and homework, with a healthy dose of How I Met Your Mother and NCIS episodes late at night. Plus shopping online. LOTS of shopping online. 

Most recently, this past weekend I took a trip back to my college town for a concert. My sister and I drove down for a WTTS Toys for Tots concert at the Bluebird. The Bird is one of my favorite bars from college, but I must say I am perhaps a wee bit old for the pushing-shoving-drunken revelers type of show. The upside is that we saw Guster, who is always tremendously wonderful. The downside is that they only played an hour. 

The pictures are pretty terrible, but they convey the difficulty we had seeing the band from our spot in a side room. We couldn't even see the drummer! The guys came out to play on the bar as an encore, but the Bluebird is so narrow that we couldn't get a good spot.  Since Guster only played an hour, we were out of Bloomington by midnight!! We grabbed the breadsticks formerly known as Pizza Express (now Pizza X) for our drive home.

I still have some Christmas shopping I'd like to finish up, but Mother Nature dropped about four inches of snow overnight, so I am going to keep watching Christmas movies instead!


Robyn said...

I adore Love Actually too! How could anyone cheat on Emma Thompson? I still can't get over that...

laura said...

I know! I love her!

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