Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i should buy a lottery ticket

I have a friend who wins almost every contest she enters. She won a ton of Taco Bell gift cards lately through a Twitter contest. Another friend's mom has won cars for everyone in her entire family.  Me? I never win anything.  I won a framed print at the Eiteljorg's Indian Market when I was 13 and I won $98 at my freshman orientation (thereby also winning the nickname "Ninety-eight dollar woman" from my friends for all of high school. Thanks, guys). But that's about it. I never win the prizes at baby showers, I always get the lame crap at our holiday get the drift.  So I'm pretty much on a roll this week: I've won TWICE.  

Last week at Symphony on the Prairie (with Brandi Carlile that was amazing), I won a membership to the young professionals group, Forte.  I was a member last year, so now I don't have to pay for the upcoming season. Win!

Yesterday, I won a contest at Little Bow Prep for a Shabby Apple dress!!!! I thought I was winning the dress below, but I actually had my choice of several and picked out this one below it:

Like I said, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!

PS Edited two or three times to get the pics to show up. Now I don't know why they aren't side by side, but whatevs. C'est la vie.

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The Zoo Keepers said...

I can't see the pics! And I neeeed to see them!!

Way to go, winner!!!

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