Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so close bulldogs


The Butler Bulldogs were so close last night! It's been a crazy weekend in Indianapolis, since the Final Four is here AND the Bulldogs were in the running for the Championship. Plus, despite a few thunderstorms and a mild threat of tornados, we've had amazing weather here the past few days. Everything is out in bloom! Spring finally came. Of course, we will probably have snow this weekend....but it's nice to enjoy the flip flops and shorts until then.

I walked to the bus last Thursday morning, and the magnolia tree was just budding- with those little fuzzy things around the blooms just peeking out.  By Thursday evening when I walked home, it was entirely in bloom!!!


I bought three or four forsythia bushes several years ago for a dollar on clearance at Lowe's. They've never performed that well...they may have been mowed over by a well-intentioned neighbor several summers ago. This year they finally have some branches, although rather puny overall, and some of those bright yellow blooms that everyone loves. I may transplant these into the WayBack Pit Of Doom, where nothing seems to grow and plant roses in its stead. I have read good reviews of Countryside Roses, but they are out of the particular roses I want right now.


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