Thursday, March 11, 2010

welcome back, spring!

After a very, very long winter (though we had no snowpocalypse/snowmageddon/snowicanes), spring has finally come back! It started to warm up a wee bit last week- freezing, then above freezing, then 40 degrees during the day. Then over the weekend BAM! Full-on springtime feel good weather.


I went for a run last night in shorts- SHORTS! I have already put away the puffy coat for the season, although I did keep out my parka just in case. I removed the snowflake wreath on the front door, to replace it with a (fake) forsythia wreath.  I have taken the flannel sheets off the bed and it was glorious to sleep last night.

Next up: taking the plastic off the windows and clearing out the garden for planting.  I also need to re-order some roses to plant this April.

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