Sunday, March 7, 2010

happy adoptiversary!


It is hard to believe that I adopted Nellie a year ago today. I had been wanting a second dog, but my mom kept trying to tell me the one I had was more than enough. She was right, but I didn't listen! My friend and I drove up to Anderson ACC and picked out a dog I had seen on Petfinder- Frannie. I knew the shelter was overbooked and needed the room, so obviously I was coming home with a dog no matter what. Frannie seemed quiet and was quite a bit smaller than Bristow, so I figured, why not.


As soon as I got her home, I renamed her Nellie, after...well, nothing in particular. It just seemed like an appropriate name for such a little (she's 45 pounds, not really that little) dog. Nell is a wee bit high-strung- she runs in circles constantly, completing miles of laps around the house. But she is a cuddler! Bristow will only sit next to you on the couch if he has no choice. Nell stares at you with her big brown eyes until you scoot over to give her some room.

Bristow & Nellie

At least Nell and Briz get along like gangbusters- they constantly wail on each other and thankfully also wear each other out.

Happy Adoptiversary, Nell!

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