Tuesday, July 21, 2009

birthday gift for a special monkey

Happy belated birthday to a special friend of mine- Monkey! You remember him, he guest blogged a few months ago? His birthday was last month, and I ordered him a very special gift from teh internets. It arrived last week, and I had to wait until he received it to share (and, uhh, remembered to upload the photos to Flickr and blog at home. My job has banned Blogger at work so it's much less convenient for me to post).

Alphabet Print
I ordered this adorable ABC Letter Print from Stephanie Fizer on Etsy.com (http://stephaniefizer.etsy.com). She also has each individual letter, too.

N is for Narwhal

It sadly did not have an "M is for Monkey," but it did have an "N is for Narwhal."

L is for Lion
And L is for Laura! Can you see the pattern detail on every little letter? How cute!

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