Thursday, April 30, 2009

today's guest blogger

Please welcome today's guest blogger- Monkey! Monkey writes about thrilling daily activities on his own blog, but he has generously offered to share some of his musings here.

IMG_0365 (by lauraloops)
Greetings, dear readers! I am Monkey, and I enjoy long crawls on the beach, cuddling with large dogs, and toying with the minds of the so-called "zookeepers" who live in my home.

IMG_0363 (by lauraloops)
This new Zookeeper showed large amounts of patience, even in my carefully controlled "screaming and clinging" experiments. I rewarded her by eating yogurt drops, Cheerios, and most of my dinner. Mostly.

IMG_0367 (by lauraloops)
Tonight's dinner of Apple Oatmeal Yogurt was delicious, as evidenced by the large amount that got on my shirt (despite the use of two bibs on this occasion) and all over my face.

IMG_0359 (by lauraloops)
I must show this Zookeeper that I have most excellent photographic skills.

IMG_0360 (by lauraloops)
Whiffle balls are for babies. This camera case holds far more intrigue than a mere whiffle ball. Pfft.

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The Zoo Keepers said...

What a fantastic guest post!! Yay!!

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