Thursday, October 16, 2008

look what i found!

Yesterday, I was surfing along through some design blogs and I re-stumbled upon Hula Seventy. I followed her blog for a long time and somehow meandered away from it. I love her photographs, the colors, the saturation. She had posted some beautiful, Holga/Diana-like photographs taken for the "Through the Viewfinder" project. She listed a very helpful tutorial the other day on the project, which made me want to take my own TtV photos. Through the Viewfinder (TtV) involves two cameras: an old-timey camera with a bubble viewfinder, and a newer digital or film camera. You align the newer camera's lens to shoot through the viewfinder of the old camera. The result is a slightly distorted, but entirely charming, photo of your subject.

I started to look on eBay for old cameras- a Kodak Duaflex is the preferred camera, because of its wide availability, inexpensive cost, and large pop-up viewfinder. There were a few up for auction, but even with shipping it would have been $20- too much to spend on yet another craft project!

brownie reflex and kodak duaflex ii (by lauraloops)

Last night I went home to watch Project Runway with my mom, and lo and behold! My mom has my grandfather's old cameras in the basement- and one is a Kodak Duaflex! Complete and utter SCORE. She said I could borrow them for my project, so immediately I took an old cardboard box to make the contraption to block out any additional light. I only got a few pictures shot before Runway started, but I'm excited to try out Through the Viewfinder on my own now. I'm very, very excited about this project...I've been wanting a Diana+ or a Holga film camera for over a year now, but I never win the eBay auctions. I love that ethereal, old-fashioned look of the photos. I can't wait to start taking my own photos!

My first shot- the kitchen at my parents' house
first TtV

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