Tuesday, October 21, 2008

am i done yet?

My friend has decided she likes knitting again, and keep sending me Ravelry patterns and ideas, to which I say, no! I have to finish sewing the blankets first! But oh, how I want to start something new and warm and fuzzy and for me! I really want to start knitting again, even though I get bored 12 inches into a scarf, and have only ever made one hat and one other non-rectangular thing (and it was a square instead). Sigh. But scarves are in! I need one!

So I was looking through my old bookmarks today, seeing if anything sparked an inspiration for a blog post, and I stumbled upon Thimble, and lo! It has been recently updated with an adorable scarf- lacy and fluffy, no doubt. I probably have yarn for it, if only I was done sewing the blankets (note: am I sewing now? NO).

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