Saturday, June 30, 2007

freecycle rules

I occasionally read the local freecycle messages. I'm never fast enough to catch the good stuff- yarn, fabric, tables, etc. I was able to score some tomato cages a few weeks ago, which was pretty good luck. Last week someone posted two bags of ephemera. I emailed, and I won! I expected two bags of crap like old school papers, magazines and stuff. I was so so wrong. I hit the jackpot!

There was a pile of old family photos, several pamphlets and advertisements, some adorable greeting cards that I am going to decorate with on Valentine's and St. Patty's, and the greatest scrapbook ever.

It was originally an old ledger that a child reused as a sketchbook, then a scrapbook to save articles, poems, and recipes. I'll start posting scans of the old advertisements and recipes soon. Until then, here is some of the stuff I scored:

old family photos from around the Midwest

Several old pamplets and advertisements


the ledger...from 1833 through the early 1900s

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SpAzzGiRL said...

Ok...I am totally jealous!!
You scored big time, our freecycle never has anything good like that.

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