Sunday, January 7, 2007

most exciting thing about the Art Museum

Last week I finally made it to the Gee's Bend exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. No pictures, though, since it's a traveling exhibit. Overall, I was pretty excited to finally see the exhibit, of which I've read quite a bit about online. There were some beautiful colors and patterns that I wanted to capture, but sadly could not.

The best part of my trip to the IMA was the wedding dress exhibit. I tried to get a clear shot of this, but it was difficult given the lighting and height of the mannequins. Each had a wedding dress from a different time period, and a corresponding hairstyle for the period. Each hairstyle is made from paper.

Can you see in the detail? It's white paper, cut and curled!!! It looked so real, or like resin or plastic, but you could see how it moved in the slight breeze. I changed the contrast and color so it would be clearer, but the original lighting was so dim it was hard to get a clear shot.

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