Thursday, January 4, 2007

Crafty Resolutions 2007

I've already decided on my financial resolutions for 2007- mostly, contribute to my IRA before the end of the year crunch, and figure out how to invest in DRiPS. Boring boring, blah blah. Let's talk CRAFTY resolutions!! And this will probably be an on-going, ever-changing list:

  1. Make a crafty journal to keep track of things I want to try. I guess this blog counts, since it is a crafty online journal, but maybe a paper copy to jot down ideas and projects, too. I've been keeping bookmarks marked "thingstotry" for a few years now, but I never remember to refer back to it.
  2. Finish projects. I see something I'd like to try and go buy all of the materials, but never finish. Case in point- the paper ornaments in MSL's Holiday issue. I had everyone collect Christmas cards for me, and I bought paper punches two months ago but haven't made a single one. I have gotten better with this when buying yarn- only for a concrete project!!
  3. Make a quilt. I've long coveted a coin quilt like that at, but I haven't the slightest clue when it comes to making one.
  4. Learn to crochet. So I can buy RoxyCraft's patterns :)
  5. Craft at work. During lunch, although I so wish I could knit during down time. I think I could bring card supplies or the aforementioned paper ornaments and make them during lunch. I get so inspired while I'm reading craft blogs during the day, but lose motivation on my drive home. This would be a great way to capitalize on that.
  6. Get organized! Once my sister moves out of hte craft room, I want to finally finally get organized- ribbon, paper, fabric and all of the stuff I've accumulated in the past 3 years since I started knitting and sewing.

Notice that de-stash is not part of "get organized." I'd like to expand with some basics that I don't already have- hole punches and stamps for card making, some neat fabrics that go with everything, etc.

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