Friday, December 29, 2006

ode to the pincushion

I was reading CraftApple's post today on collecting things, and she has begun collecting pincushions. It turns out I need to start collecting them to, as my superdog Bristow has eaten my only pincushion! RIP to my little red tomato with the little red strawberry needle holder. I've had this pincushion since 6th grade, when I got my very own sewing things for Home Ec class. It probably still has my name on the bottom!

I came home Christmas Eve from work, walked into my bedroom and wondered if my sister had been drilling things in my room- there was sawdust all over the floor! (This would be so much better with a picture. But I'm at work, the mess is at home). Bristow must have grabbed it out of a craft tote when no one was watching him. I checked him out, and he looked fine. He just chewed a hole straight into my pincushion, leaving a sawdust trail all over his bed.

So now I need a new pincushion. What do you fill them with?

I can't remember how I originally found CraftApple, but I bookmarked it for some of her tutorials, especially the quilted cards and quilted book covers.

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