Thursday, December 28, 2006

my new crafty blog

Starting today I am now a crafty-blogger. I am inspired daily by other crafty women out there, and want to be able to document my own projects. Unfortunately, I haven't uploaded anything to Flickr since September 4th, so no new pictures here! I will have to take some pics of the few things I made this Christmas season. I had grand plans, grand plans for homemade Christmas. And I finished one gift. You could say three, since I made two simple knit scarves for my cousins but weren't really Christmas presents, more "just because" presents. I finished one scarf (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) for my friend Stephanie out of Malabrigo and some other carry-along yarn that turned SUPER fuzzy after blocking. I think it's pretty itchy, Steph, sorry!

I have also been slaving along on a scarf for my grandmother that I did not finish. Picutres to follow. Maybe, if I ever finish it.

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