Saturday, August 6, 2011

pepsi refresh- vote!

A local Irvington business, Homespun Modern Handmade, is competing for a $25K grant through the Pepsi Refresh contest. Homespun won a grant last year that allowed them to open a retail shop that sells handmade goods, and is competing for another grant to open a teaching space/classroom.

There are three ways to vote:
1. Go to Pepsi Refresh, log in under your Facebook ID and VOTE for Homespun!
2. Text 108002 to PEPSI (73774) to VOTE for Homespun!
3. Look for Power Voting codes in Pepsi products. 20oz bottles have yellow caps with a code under them, 24 can cubes have the code on the inside of the cardboard case. Go to Pepsi Refresh, create an account (ugh, I know!) and use your Power Votes to VOTE for Homespun.

You can vote through Facebook, texting and your Refresh account every day - Homespun needs to be in the top 15 by the end of August. Vote early, vote often!

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