Friday, September 4, 2009

I had some time to kill before heading off to work, so I thought I'd sit down and surf teh internets a bit this morning and update teh blog a bit, too.


I updated my pic in the right-side toolbar with my new shoes. Please ignore the spot on the left shoe- my ever loving dogs stepped on my brand new shoes before I even wore them outside. Oh, dogs. Those snazzy looking sneaks are Nike Frees, V4 5.0. They are supposed to simulate barefoot running. They aren't quite barefoot- my foot does heel strike quite a bit, but they are super lightweight and very comfy. I don't even have to wear socks!

I had to order new shoes b/c my trusty old New Balance 768s were done for. I got them two weeks before my marathon, so there is a lot of wear and tear on them. It was to the point where I'd rather stand barefoot than wear my shoes (don't think I didn't do that, too!). My ortho doc wanted to put me in super super cushy orthotic shoes, but I did some reading on the internets and decided minimalist footwear and working out barefoot would be a better option for my plantar fasciitis. I read it on the has to be true, right?

So after a few weeks of walking barefoot on the treadmill (in socks!!), doing my lifting at home barefoot, and walking in my Frees, my feet do feel stronger and better. I keep second guessing myself- what if I had gotten these shoes last year or started walking barefoot last spring, but at least I'm finding it out now. However, it's easy to overdo it (who, me??), so I am taking a few days off from the walking. I did quite a bit of hiking walking in West Virginia...possibly in flip a gorge...Just sayin'.

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