Monday, June 15, 2009

health craze

I've added several new blogs to my daily Google Reader blogroll. We've been doing Biggest Loser at work and, while I'm not winning, I'm not losing either. Or rather, I AM losing- about eight pounds so far, although the starting weight is artificially high because of a late breakfast and copious amounts of water before weigh-in. But the better news is that I'm not gaining either- despite not being able to run/walk for exercise. I've been able to maintain my weight by swimming and biking two to three times a week, with some weights thrown in on off days. I've also tried to cut out soy, make smarter choices, and lately, make sure I'm eating enough fruits and veggies.

Hence, I've turned to teh internets to come up with new workout ideas (especially strength, I struggle with a solid strength routine that is easy on my feet) and new foods to try. I tried Fage (Greek yogurt, I think) a few days ago and YUCK. The first bite is okay, but the aftertaste is rancid. Maybe it was rancid? It was on sale at K-Roger. I'm not too bummed; I don't like dairy anyway.

Some of the new blogs I'm checking out:
-Eat, Live, Run- she has an amazing story and eats SO healthy!
-Carrots 'n Cake
-Chandra's Shenanigans
-Jogger's Life
-N Her Shoes
-Run to the Finish

Okay, most of these are actually running blogs. I had to get my running fix somewhere! Why not from other women who are running and training? Many of them have sports injuries, too, right...?


RunToFinish said...

hey thanks for the shout out!! Let me know if I can answer any questions about PT, what injury do you have??

love your Green monster!

laura said...

plantar fasciitis. I've had it over a year, tried everything else under the sun, so I'm finally going into PT for it.

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