Saturday, June 27, 2009

everything's coming up roses

IMG_0518 (by lauraloops)

I'm looking for something to put in the garden beds next to my porch. These previously housed vegetables for three summers, and some straggling lillies/hostas when I was replanting.  I just don't know what to put here.  I'm going to plant some vegetables to fill in (I still have extra tomato plants), and am really thinking roses.  This site is highly recommended on Dave's Garden- Countryside Roses. They have some great climbing and rambling roses.

rose (by lauraloops)

Right now, my roses are Carefree Delights, and I love love love them. They are so easy to take care of- I cut them back once or twice a year when they grow over the sidewalk, and cut off the spent blooms, and voila! Gorgeous rosebushes.  I am thinking a bright pink bloom, maybe something with a bit of fragrance.  So many choices!

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