Tuesday, June 23, 2009

but will they blend?

My local grocery store (K-roger) has strawberries on sale for 97cents a pound this week. No, they are not local. No, they are not organic. But they are priced right and taste okay enough to stick in my blender with other healthy produce for my green monster smoothies.  I've decided that a smoothie NEEDS strawberries. Otherwise, it is just too freaking spinachy. And that is just wrong.

IMG_0506 (by lauraloops)

So what to do with the six pounds of strawberries I just bought? Freeze them! I washed them first, cut the green top off, then cored each one and put it on a cookie sheet (cut side up, easier to detach from the sheet later). Coring is basically taking a paring knife and swirling it around the white inside of the strawberry. Alton Brown told me to do it, and you know he's right. It gets rid of the tough center of each berry, and any green leafy part that might still be in there.

I froze them for about eight hours/overnight, and then bagged them the next morning. Each cookie sheet held about two pounds of berries, give or take a few that my dogs ate.

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Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

good plan! i wish i had a bigger freezer because I would do the same

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