Wednesday, June 17, 2009

as much fun as I can have on two wheels

bike (by lauraloops)

Last week, I bought a new, cushy seat for my bike. My old one was literally falling apart, and I decided it was high time for a "comfort" seat for my ample behind. I have been trying to bike more and more, but my rear is getting a bit bruised from riding on a rock hard seat. Enter: new, cushy, gel filled seat!

Installing the bike seat took approximately NINE times what I thought it would- 45 minutes versus 5 minutes. There were pieces to unscrew, I needed pliers, then it got stuck on the frame, then I had to make sure it was level. Finally, I grabbed my helmet (safety first!) and headed out.

For about five minutes. Every time I hit a bump (which is often), the nose of the seat would flip up and hit in a not-nice place. I kept getting off the bike, adjusting it, but with no luck. I finally turned around and came home. I've tightened the bolts as tight as I can; I think maybe it's time for some new bike parts or maybe a new bike.

What's wrong with my old bike? It was my sister's when she was 10. I'm guessing I may have grown out of it by now (a good 16 years later!)

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