Friday, February 6, 2009

postcards on the edge- of the hallway

My mom picked up these wire ornament frames from Pottery Barn- for less than a dollar apiece! I wish she had bought even more, there are so many things to do with them!

IMG_0106 (by lauraloops)

The silver wire frame holds a 4x6 photo. They originally came with a red velvet ribbon, meant to hang on the Christmas tree as an ornament. However, I immediately had other plans for them.

IMG_0116 (by lauraloops)

I took some 1.5" (ish) green satin ribbon from my stash, and threaded it through the top wire loop of one frame, behind the photo, through the bottom wire loop and then through the top wire loop of the next frame, and so on. I made a little loopy at the top so I could hang it on a nail, and secured the ribbon with a few hidden stitches in matching thread.

IMG_0112 (by lauraloops)

See how the ribbon covers up part of the wire frame? Behind the ribbon I used some yarn to tie the frame together. This might not be necessary if your ribbon is wired or thick enough, but with three frames chained together, I wanted to make sure they stayed together.

IMG_0114 (by lauraloops)

Instead of using photos, I used three postcards I bought when I went to France eight years ago. I love the idea of changing these out seasonally for other postcards, photographs, or even Christmas or birthday cards.

Other ideas:
-Place a festive photo in it and tuck or tie onto an existing wreath
-Glue patterned scrapbook paper onto the back of photos, and use ribbon to tie from a chandelier
-turn the frames sideways and tie the frames together or string onto ribbon for a garland (they are pretty lightweight)

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