Monday, February 23, 2009

ahh the memories

IMG_0155 (by lauraloops)

I still have a bedroom at my parents' house. Even though I own my own house, even though they only live 20 minutes away, even though I'm well into adulthood. It never really felt like MY room- we moved from my childhood house when I was 16, so I only lived there a year and a half before heading to college. My mom started moving furniture around almost immediately, changing the bedspread and curtains, too. But my stuff stayed around. The clothes, for the most part, have gone on to Goodwill to make room for my dad's suits. But the stuff stuck around.

See if you can find:
-"Reader's Digest" hollow book, from my grandparents house. This actually had $12 hidden in it!
-My teddy bear Radar, named after Big Bird's bear
-Graduation tassles from my high school
-Titanic soundtrack(s) on CD (no laughing.)
-My MyChild doll, Micheline (I made up that name, or so I thought. She's wearing LA Gear shoes. Awww yeah)
-Another doll I was not allowed to play with and yet is stuck in this box willy-nilly
-Some of my favorite books as a kid: The Dark is Rising series, Zilpha Keatley Snyder books, Encylopedia Brown book
-Rollerblades- worn only a few times because I kept twisting my ankle in them

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