Monday, January 19, 2009

a type of heirloom

Another project in my To Do book is an heirloom type tray. I saw these on Ali Edwards' site a few weeks ago, and fell in love with the idea.


My mom has had a type tray on a vintage sewing machine base for decades- growing up I loved to look at it and have her tell me stories of what's in it:  casino chips from her first trip to Vegas, the ribbons the police department tied on my parents' squad cars when they got married, the hospital bracelet from when I was born. My mom had several type trays, saving them until we were older (or old enough to care, I guess).  


Type trays, old printing blocks, and everything typography is so "in" right now, but back when we were little, my mom couldn't give these trays away! See, this one even has the price tag from a garage sale on it: $12 (fun fact: these stickers are from old ATA seating assignment sheets. We'd get the leftovers as kids to draw on, and we used the blank ones at garage sales)

(Hamilton Mfg Co. was the largest producer of wood type, and based in Two Rivers, WI.)

Ali Edwards used photos and scrapbooking doodads in her tray, but I think I'll keep mine a bit more like my moms- some photos and keepsakes, glue-dotted in so I can hang it on the wall.


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