Thursday, January 22, 2009

for a good cause

This is Murphy. I found him running in traffic last November, and he now has a great home with a friend of mine.

This is Mostly Crafty's mascot, Bristow. We all know what kind of trouble Bristow gets into.

If you couldn't tell, I'm quite the animal lover. I'm currently looking for a canine pal for the Bristowdog at the local rescues, which is why I'm happy to have found this great new song and artist (new to me, I'm kind of behind the times) who is also an animal lover.

Neko Case and her label, ANTI, will donate five dollars to Best Friends Animal Society for every blog posting her newest song, "People Got a  Lotta Nerve." I can't believe I hadn't really heard any of Neko's music before- I even checked my iTunes, and she's right up my indie-rock alley.  I'm checking out her album right now. It's fantastic!

Here is her latest song, "People Got a Lotta Nerve."

Add this to your blog too!

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