Friday, October 24, 2008

so close

I was so highly productive today...but I didn't quite get everything accomplished. I:
-donated blood (1/8th of my way to a 101 Things goal)
-ran a bajillion errands, including buying two new shirts for work- one a Colts Jersey on clearance at Marshall's for $15! SCORE!)
-picked up a new wooden Christmas tree cutout to paint, since the dog ate my last one
-signed up at postcrossing
-watched Iron Man
-watched Jane Austen Book Club, and now I need to read Pride and Prejudice again
-quilted the top of the pink/brown baby quilt- simple but completed!
-painted the tree's first few coats
-began making bias tape with my new bias tape doomaflager, only to discover it's not very wide and not very straight
-found this tutorial instead and will have to try it tomorrow. How wide should bias tape be??

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