Thursday, October 2, 2008

purple is the new black

I bought this purple (excuse me, aubergine) trench last May. Last winter, I realized that while I have a multitude of coats, I don't have a cute and dressy, but lightweight, coat. I have a full-length down parka, a warm winter parka, a nice full-length dressy coat, and a closet-full of fleece jackets. But no trench coat or pea coat. I came to this sad realization in Las Vegas last year for work, where despite it being LAS VEGAS, it was freaking cold. I believe that week it was actually colder in LV than it was at home, in Indiana. So I scoured the internets and came across this gem (they took down the awesome picture that showed its aubergine-ness).

It's from Chadwick's (gasp, i know!), and it is fitted through the waist and flared at the bottom. It does not fare well in windy conditions, since it only has two buttons at the waist, but let's face it, I'm wearing this for fashion not for performance. I get compliments on it all the time, plus, purple is totally in this year!

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