Friday, October 10, 2008

a little bit a day adds up

That is one of the underlying themes of my 101 Things list. A lot of my goals involve a little bit of something every day, building up over time. Paying off debt, donating rice on, reading the classic books, making extra thank you cards, etc.

One problem I run into is that I can't do a lot of those things at work, in my downtime at lunch, or while I'm traveling. It's kind of hard to pack my sewing machine while I'm away for a weekend, you know? But, I recently re-discovered DailyLit, where you can read books via email or RSS. It's great- you just pick a book, how many chapters you want to receive a day, and they automatically email it to you every day at a specified time. I read all of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother this way- in one day! Once you finish a section, you can opt to have the next section sent automatically. It's addicting!!

The selection doesn't include a lot of new releases- it does include some for a small fee, but the bulk of the offerings are older books no longer under copyright. This fits in well with my Big Read List, since a lot of those books are classics.

I like saving up a week's worth of emails to read in one sitting- right now I'm working on Middlemarch.

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