Tuesday, October 28, 2008

101 Things Update

An update on my 101 Things list:

100% completed:
#40. Vote in 2008 elections (10/27/08)
#42. See Broadway/musical show (Avenue Q- 10/16/08)

In progress:
#1. Post on my blogs every day for a month (28/31)
#17, 18, 19. Pay down three debts
#5. Make extra cards for my stash (2/20)
#31. Send 10 Thank you cards (1/10)
#22. Put $5 for every task completed (3/101, I went ahead and put my marathon money in while I was at it)
#32. Send special cards to my mom 30 times (1/30)
#34. Freerice.com- (17140/1000000)
#36. Donate 100 things to goodwill (30+/100)

I'm currently working on several thank you cards, but I need more tape, and stamps!! I also started to clean out the closet but it's nowhere near done. My sister MIGHT move back in with me; we'll see, but that will move up some of the painting stuff if I can get her to help. Oh, and my mom picked four pictures for my living room frames one day while she was at my house, so I could technically cross that off my list. But I'm not convinced that those are the four photos I want to keep. I'll be able to mark off some of them soon- like my marathon. T-minus four days!!!

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